Peter Briger on his Career and Life

A lot of people look up to Peter Briger but not everyone knows why this is. He recently talked about what his career trajectory has been thus far & where he sees himself in the future. It was not easy growing up with 4 older brothers but this is what caused him to try his hardest in everything he did to prove himself to his parents. This would end up paying off for him in the long run. Once his HS tenure had come to a close, Peter Briger had a big choice to make but, with 12 different offers, it would not be easy for Peter Briger to decide what college was the best fit for him. So he decided to take a tour of Princeton & this is when he knew it was the right school for him. As such, he began to matriculate at their finance school in the early 80’s. He knew that getting his bachelor’s would be no easy feat but was prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure his career was a success. As he went along, he made friends & got good grades but soon he knew he had to start to think about his future. As such, when he graduated, Peter Briger worked at one of the local firms for a while in an effort to save up enough to start a new business. It didn’t take him nearly as long as he thought it would as he was able to get FIG up & running in just a few years. As he gazed upon his work, he was proud of what he had done & vowed to fight for his clients until the very end. He later moved to NY to set up their new HQ & Peter Briger began succeeding.

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