Madison Street Capital’s Success in The Marketplace

Sachs Capital Group with advice from Madison Street Capital was able to maintain a mutual relation with RMG Networks. The transaction was quite big, and assistance from financial institutions such as Virgo Capital, Merion Investment Partners and Dept Facility helped close this transaction.

Madison Street Capital Advise to Sachs Capital Group on its relation with RMG Networks. Madison Street Capital reputation is key in ensuring all our clients are satisfied with our work.


The CEO of Sachs Capital Group by the name of Gregory H. Sach went ahead and stated how pleased he was for the transaction to be closed and thanked the Madison Street Capital for its hard work, guidance and good relationship, to help people identify different forms of capital sources, which was critical in their success.


About RMG Networks


With advanced, we all know how much of an impact it can be to increase the productivity of the business. That is why we have RMG, which has gone an extra mile in introducing effective services, business applications, and one of the best-in-class software for your business accountability.


With their help, you will get to experience improvement in management on real-time performance and integration of your data. The RMG has its headquarter in Dallas, Texas and different globally spread offices around the world. Visit for more information.


About Sachs Capital Group


Looking for a sophisticated partner that will offer you flexible and both controlling and non-controlling capital for your entrepreneurship need, then the Sachs Capital Group will be the right one for you.


We have a substantial investment philosophy for our clients which revolves around substantial capital investment that ensures less or minimal financial risks at and controlled operating system. Sach Capital Group can be described a trustworthy and reliable investor that has its evaluation and focus on business fundamentals, valuation, proper corporate governance and superior management. Have a look at


About Madison Street Capital


The other influential investment company we have is the Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital can be described as a good example of an international investment firm that is committed ensuring if offers good leadership, integrity and excellence in their financial advisory services for their clients.


Whenever a client thinks of introducing a new project, we take their goals and objectives as one of ours and ensure that we offer them valuation services, financial options and our acquisition expertise to ensure that they are fulfilled. Madison’s focus is to grow their clients in any useful way possible through the study of any effective emerging market trends which is the main component that drives clients towards global growth. For more details on our company, visit us on

Sheldon Lavin And The Commitment To Sustainability

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, having ties with the company that date back to the 1970s. OSI is a giant in the food processing industry, having a rich history of more than a century, 20,000 employees worldwide and over 65 facilities in 17 countries. In 2016 Forbes ranked OSI as the 58th largest private company, having a net worth of $6.1 billion.

In 1970, Sheldon Lavin was an investment manager and bank executive, and played a key role in arranging the financing for OSI, who was seeking funds in order to carry out their expansion plans. His role with the company continued to grow, and in 1975 when the company sought international investment funds in order to further their expansion overseas, Lavin was made partner. McDonald’s, OSI primary client at the time, was ready to expand aggressively overseas, and wanted some who they can trust guiding their key supplier. As a result Sheldon Lavin became the CEO and Chairman of OSI.

Under his leadership, OSI made a commitment to sustainable food production. The company has been willing to take on risk in order to take advantage of the new technologies, in an effort to create more sustainability when it comes to their operations and those of its suppliers. In the past decade, Sheldon Lavin made sure that the company’s pursuit of sustainability strategies is also supported by research and development efforts. OSI created 2 Culinary Innovation Centers, and a separate R&D Center. The facilities play a key role in the development of new techniques that will lessen the impact that OSI’s operations have on the environment.

As a result of their work, OSI and Sheldon Lavin earned numerous awards for their efforts. In 2016, Lavin won the Global Visionary Award from Vision World Academy, an award which recognizes individuals who show perseverance when it comes to pursuing and achieving their goals. Lavin became the recipient of the prestigious award as a result of guiding the transition from Otto & Sons to OSI Group, turning the company from a regional business to a global entity.

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Marc Beer Uses His Extensive Network to Raise More than $42 Million

Financing an innovation has never been an easy task for most of the individuals who have brought the innovation. A significant number of investment companies or individual investors with a tremendous amount of money don’t invest in an innovation that has not proven that it can withstand the test of time. The process gets complicated if the funds needed are geared towards funding a healthcare related innovation. However, Marc Beer, an experienced individual in the medical industry has proved to be one of the few individuals who can be able to turn around the health industry. Learn more:


Marc Beer is currently working as one of the co-founders of Renovia Inc., which is one of the few medical organizations around the world that have the intentions of solving some of the medical challenges facing women in the society. One of the disorders on the list in urinary inconsistency, which is a pelvic floor problem. Apparently, the condition has been reported, the United States health bureau, to have affected more than two hundred million around the globe. The number is also expected to be higher, given that most of the women in rural areas don’t show up for diagnostics.


Renovia Inc., under the stewardship of Marc Beer, has been able to come up with a reliable technology that will be helping women to collect data about their conditions while at the same time getting the necessary treatment procedures. The medical facility has other essential devices that are yet to be certified and tested by the United States Food and Drug Administration. However, the entity has been running a sort of funds, which has called for the necessary measures that would have helped the facility to source funds, which would help it to implement its ambitious plans.


Luckily, Marc Beer understands what it is like sourcing funds from different investors in the society. More so, he is aware that there are different types of investors in the community, who would provide sufficient funds that would help Renovia Inc., to be able to provide the needed diagnostic and treatment tools. The large and extensive network belonging to Marc has enabled the entity to raise more than $42 million from some of the renowned health investment entities such as Western Technology Investment, BayCross Capital, Inova Strategic Investments, and Longwood Fund among others.


About Marc Beer

Marc Beer stands as one of the most experienced entrepreneurs and commercial agent in the medical industry. He has extensive knowledge and experience in developing new technological devices that are used in making health care sector better and efficient. Having worked in the medical industry for more than twenty-five years, Marc is highly informed of the problems facing the sector and the necessary innovations that can provide a quick turnaround. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn

Tips for Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor as Directed by Nick Vertucci

Using the vast experience and expertise that he has gained while working in the real estate industry as a renowned investor, Nick Vertucci has managed to establish a training academy. Inside this institution, he trains the youths and the investment enthusiasts in the management of real estate investments and also other investment options that the young people might be willing to engage. He also advises those who intend to embark on real estate investment so that they can embrace the right strategies that would help them to excel in the endeavors. In his advice, Nick Vertucci submits to his clients that the real estate investment is the most lucrative business venture that any investor would contemplate investing their funds. He urges them to keep investing in the real estate sector, and the fruits of their investments would never disappoint them.

Nick Vertucci gives his clients some strategies and tips that are meant to enhance their competence in the investment of the real estate business. One of the suggestions that Vertucci insists that the entrepreneurs must possess is the vision. He highlights that for the investors to succeed in their investment activities, they must have a clear view of goals that they intend to achieve so that they may never get distracted from accomplishing their objectives. This is a very crucial aspect of every investor because, at any given time, they have the targets that they set to keep them focused on achieving more in life. To ensure that the targets are met, the investors ought to have adequately set goals and have a precise vision of the objectives.

The second thing that Nick Vertucci urges investors to consider having is a strong belief in their activities and objectives. They should always keep their faith and believe that whatever goals and targets that they have set, they would manage to accomplish them whatever the efforts might be required. This makes them motivated and with the spirit of victory and consequently, they can achieve the goals that they set.

Nick Vertucci also advises the clients to map their strategies and plans that they intend to implement to achieve their goals. This is the most critical stage of every investment decision as it determines how fast or slow that the process of achieving the goals and objectives would be. This would depend on the effectiveness and efficiency of the plans and strategies that have been laid down by the investors to assist them in the achievement of their objectives.

GreenSky Goes Public After A Phenomenal 12 Years

GreenSky arranges loans for home improvement projects to property owners across the country. Customers can apply for the loan online via tablet or smartphone using the company’s mobile app. At the point of sale, the contractor can even get it started for them by simply scanning their ID card. The customer will receive an answer within minutes as to the loan status.

The company is based in Atlanta, GA. One of its co-founders, Mr. David Zalik, serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. David, long considered a math whiz, founded the company in 2006. The firm went public recently, and the stock rose by 1.5% on the first day. GreenSky is considered to be one of the best fintech companies. The company does not lend the money itself. GreenSky will match a customer with the lender to orchestrate the loan. They will loan money up to $65,000 for the more costly home improvements such as kitchen or bath renovations, roofing jobs, and more. Greensky works with some of the large retailers and contractors, and they in turn make the service available to their customers.

After 12 years of running the company privately, the IPO produced tremendous results for all involved parties. GreenSky had projected sales of 34 million shares, and instead 38 million shares were sold that raised $874 million. David Zalik, as well as the other co-founders, the management team, and the investors will all share in part of the proceeds. David is still a majority owner of the company, and it is reported that his net worth is currently $2.5 billion.

The company has been successful starting from its early days as a new startup. Loans totaling approximately $12 billion have been issued to 1.7 million customers over the years. In 2017, they quietly acted as middleman for close to $3.8 billion in loan volume, and that figure represents an increase of 30% from the year before.

Stream Energy supports corporate America philanthropy

Corporate America is extraordinarily generous, judging from statistics. In 2016, over $19 billion was given by American businesses for reasons in the country and abroad. This figure is not inclusive of others spending the businesses make in the course of the philanthropic activity. Some monies go into marketing the cause, and payment of employees and effort towards the cause. In short, the money spent every year in philanthropic and charitable causes by American companies is too much.

One company which forms part of philanthropic corporate America is Stream Energy. The Dallas-based selling energy firm has been involved in charitable and philanthropic causes for the past one decade. The company has a long-term relationship with humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross and the UN-Habitat for Humanity. The organization has also been working with its employees to deliver funds to the local community’s initiatives. Through the efforts that the company has shown in recent years, it has created a great track record among its customer.

Stream Energy was one of the companies which came out strongly to support the Houston community when they were affected by the Hurricane Harvey. The company came out and gave funds which went to the recovery mission. Since then, it has also created a foundation that will deal with corporate philanthropy going on. Stream Cares has been created to spearhead the philanthropic operations of the company. We are living in a period when corporate philanthropy is taking center stage as a critical method of branding.

Stream Energy deals with energy selling. They have created a well-established company that has recruited loyal clients and ensures that they deliver product and services to the customers wherever they are. They deliver quality services for the residential and corporate sector. The company recruits people and rewards them through commissions. The company is concerned about the state of its customers, and that is why they are doing everything possible to help. They take care of the homeless people in Dallas. The company has set out itself as a solutions provider in an industry that is affected significantly by lack of sufficient services providers. In case of challenges, Stream Energy offers an immediate response.

How Alex Pall Took his Childhood Passion to another Level

Alex Pall is one of the electronic dance DJ duo, Chainsmokers, who has been taking the industry with a storm. He has come to be known as one of the most popular musical DJ in the industry together with his partner, Andrew Taggart. Every person who listens to pop music definitely knows Alex Pall at a higher level than a person who listens to other types of music genre in the industry. Surprisingly, Alex Pall was not known for some few years back but he has now become a household name around the country.

Alex Pall might not be the only DJ in the industry but he is trying to bring something new to the industry. Fronting electronic dance is the greatest contributions that he has brought into the industry, something that has not been there for sometimes. Alex started practicing as a DJ when he was a young boy. However, he was doing some DJ activities for passion and leisure. He never knew that he would later make a life out of the musical industry. The childhood dream would later turn out to become the source of his livelihood.

After meeting with Andrew Taggart, Alex knew that he had met somebody who could change his life. The two formed a perfect match that would later turn out to form one of the greatest combinations that have since rocked the industry. Djing is an act of mixing different electronic music dance in large gatherings. This practice has been there for some time but Alex has taken it to another level. Alex mixed different electronic dance music while at the same time aiming to create new sounds. The only difference between Alex Pall and other musicians around the country is that he does not write songs.

Alex has played a key role in composing and singing the top of the Billboard hit, “Closer”, which specifically talks about his personal life. He has gone ahead to produce some of the most viewed hits, some of which have appeared in the Billboard top ten list for some few weeks. Alex Pall and his partner changed what many people in the industry perceived as modern DJs.

Partnership and Acquisitions

NexBank is a financial firm that delivers mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. It majorly offers its services to organizations, clients and other financial firms as well as real estate investors, large corporations and middle-market companies. The firm is committed to its clients and strives to provide a different value at each opportunity. It provides access to custom-tailored and sophisticated solutions to its clients and through experienced experts.

By June 30, this year, the firm has $8.0 billion assets, and it offers individual checking accounts, mobile banking, savings, and accounts treasury management as well as mobile banking and commercial lending. It serves individuals, companies, and institutions around Texas. It was previously known as Heritage bank before changing to NexBank in the year 2005. The firm was established in the year 1922, and the main offices are in Dallas, Texas.

NexBank Partnership with Dallas Neighborhood Homes

The Dallas Neighborhood homes, which is a nonprofit mortgage service provider that is currently working in partnership with the area Habitat for Humanity recently announced that it would provide affordable housing programs to the community in south Dallas. The objective is to provide more than 100 loans yearly for the next 5 years for low-income earners in various zip codes in the area.

To expand the program, NexBank which is a Dallas-based regional financial firm will be providing loans to support the project for the next five years. Dallas Neighborhood Homes will be using the proceeds to provide loans to potential homebuyers who are not in the position to get mortgages. The company will also offer free training and counseling to prepare individuals for their home ownership through the Area Habitat for Humanity. Apart from the loans, NexBank will help pay little fees for all closings completed via its affiliate.

NexBank Acquisitions

The financial institution recently announced that it purchased College Savings Bank, which majors in more than 500 college savings plans. College Savings Bank institutions will retain its name, branding and also maintain its current operations as a branch of NexBank. The Chief Executive Officer of the firm said that the deal was a winning transaction for both organizations and an important move in the entire funding strategy. The purchase will allow the company to serve the diverse needs of all clients and help them save for college.

Sahm Adrangi – An Exemplary Short Seller

The inauguration of the Kerrisdale Capital Management hedge fund in 2009 coincided with a historic bull market. Despite the budding trend of stock back then, the hedge fund’s founder, Sahm Adrangi, decided to bet against the stocks. By doing this, Adrangi established himself as a short seller. In 2017, Kerrisdale recorded an impressive 20% gain. According to Sahm, short sellers have the upper hand over other investors following the market swoon earlier this year.

Sahm Adrangi is Iranian by birth, although he spent much of his early years in Vancouver, Canada. A graduate of the Yale, Sahm made his mark seven years ago when he earmarked several Chinese enterprises that he perceived as the propagators of fraudulent schemes. Since them, Adrangi has become a prominent short seller, taking on multiple established companies. His most recent short bet is on Eastman Kodak, a firm whose stock shot up significantly after it became apparent that it was planning to launch a blockchain-backed platform to protect photographers from copyright flouting. As Sahm predicted, the stocks have plummeted by a whopping 55%.

According to Sahm Adrangi, short selling is a fairly risky venture, especially given that the market has been bullish for the best part of the last ten years. In this regard, Sham revealed that he has lost over 200% on certain short trades. However, an ebullient market is also good for short activisms, since it increase the likelihood of stocks losing their valuation in a relatively short time.

While 2017 was admittedly tough for short sellers, Sahm Adrangi is confident that the faltering of the markets in February will compel investors to look out for short sellers. Moreover, the demand for short seller hedge funds will most probably intensify. This is because unlike long exposures which is accessible through ETFs and mutual funds, short trades are only accessible via hedge funds.

Regarding the proliferation of cryptocurrency startups, Sahm Adrangi acknowledges that ther will be as many losers as there are winners. He added that many companies are launching blockchain products that are not applicable in real life, citing Eastman Kodak as an ideal example.

Biggest Predictions from the Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storm

Every once in a while, a big name in the tech world goes on social media and creates a huge dust up. Well, one of the biggest social media events happened right on Twitter. And the big tech name behind the Twitstorm was early Uber investor Shervin Pishevar. During his 21-hour Twitstorm, Mr. Pishevar made a number of hair raising predictions. Here are some of the highlights from the social media blitz from Mr. Pishevar.

The Dow Will Collapse

One of the first predictions made by Shervin Pishevar was that the major US indexes, such as the Dow, would fall into bear market territory. Specifically, Mr. Pishevar said that the Dow would fall 6,000 points. If that prediction comes to past, we could see some of the largest decline, in the index, in the last decade.

Bitcoin Will Also Fall

The world’s largest cryptocurrency was also Mr. Pishevar’s crosshairs, either. In a later tweet, the tech titan predicted that Bitcoin would nosedive from its heights in 2017. This tweet actually turned out to be true since Bitcoin did indeed plummet from a high of $20,000 to the high $5,000 range.

Start-Ups Will Look Beyond Silicon Valley

Another shocking prediction from Shervin Pishevar stated that start-ups will look to other places to hang their shingle rather than Silicon Valley. Instead, Mr. Pishevar believes that tech start-ups will stay where they are and work remotely with their customers and their partners.

American Infrastructure is Falling Behind

Looking outside of his usual tech circles, Shervin Pishevar stated that the United States is being outclassed in the global infrastructure race. The Silicon Valley executive believes that other countries, such as China, will be able to outperform the United States when it comes to building out cities and transportation hubs.

These predictions marked the first time, in months. that Shervin Pishevar made any public statements. And these Tweets, from Mr. Pishevar, have been shared tens of thousands of time all over social media. As the months past, people will soon see which of these incredible predictions will come true.