Eric Lefkofsky: Tempus Releases a Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence for Oncologists with the Discovery of Tempus ONE

Tempus leads AI-inspired diagnostics, and it declared a technology triumph called Tempus One, meant to benefit the oncologists. Tempus ONE is a voice-baked, portable, and smart device that avails the proprietary platform as well as actualizing other modal data and ensuring the physicians can access the clinical information instantly on their hands. According to Eric Lefkofsky, the physicians can easily get the genomic reports and in 2021, Tempus intends to go broader. 


Thus, Tempus ONE is just a beginning towards realizing ultimate Artificial Intelligence potential when handling patients. Tempus medical firm conducts several molecular tests with the patients’ genetic alterations alongside the firm’s patient data as well as HER to offer a clinical approach to all the tests. Tempus One alleviates the time spent by the clinicians on their computers finding the sensitive and crucial details. Tempus One is portable since it can easily relay the respective information present in the records in real-time, therefore, fitting into the workflow accordingly. 


It is handheld, and it collects queries as well as inputs and communicates with the physician easily on a specialized microphone. Therefore, the device is made to suit the physician’s demands accordingly. In the last half a decade, Tempus has been embracing tech, and now with AI at its peak, better realizations are on course. Eric Lefkofsky, the company CEO says that this device has given Tempus a massive forward leap to garner as much data as possible, unlike in the past. Tempus has developed a perfect healthcare system that gets insights as well as intelligence.

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