Securus Technologies Improving Inmate Welfare in the US

Securus Technologies Inc has only been growing in popularity over the past handful of years as the business is hard at work on a variety of projects within its industry. The corporation is based in Dallas, Texas. Working in the justice business, the company has been serving business owners and correctional facilities for a few decades now.


Over the past five years, the business of Securus Technologies Inc. has been on the mission to change the incarcerated experience for inmates in order to add a layer of security that they will become an integral part of society once released.


Securus Technologies Inc is still working n some of those projects while others have been completed. For example, the business lowered its rates significantly s that families and friends can communicate with their incarcerated loved ones on a more regular basis. In total, Americans with low incomes are saving millions of dollars every year while they talk and see their loved ones more often keeping them relatively integrated.


Some other projects that Securus Technologies took on include such related to communication, entertainment, education, and medical care. Everything has been to improve the inmate welfare in the United States of America. A few years ago, Securus Technologies and JPay, Inc. The two corporations combined their powers to provide correctional facilities with a new platform for digitized payments, education, and communication. Inmates and correctional facilities have received the product very well, and that earned the two corporations he recognition of their peers.


Securus Technologies has released a few new products since then that brought prosperity to the business. One of the latest products is for disabling inmates from hooking up to the wi-fi from contraband cell phones. That had become a common thing in the United States of America, but the company came through and helped slow things down.

Securus Technologies: Provider of Inmate Call Services

Securus Technologies is an American Tech Company based in Dallas, Texas. The IT firm is one of the industry leaders in providing innovative tech solutions to prison facilities all over America. Securus’ services include parolee tracking, detainee communication services, and management of government information.


Since 1986, Securus Technologies has been in operations providing new technology and responsive customer care services to prisons. They started off with Dallas, and now have offices in Carrolton and Allen (Texas), as well as Atlanta (Georgia). Securus has contracts with prison facilities from all the 45 American states. They have also managed to expand their business beyond America to countries like Mexico, Canada, and the District of Columbia.


What started out as a small tech company in Dallas has grown to be a global phenomenal in prisons security solutions. Today Securus Technologies employs over 736 employees and serves over one millions inmates in prisons across America, South America, and Canada. The tech firm’s net worth has grown exponentially and Securus is continually buying out rival companies. Securus Technologies is behind the acquisition of companies like JLG technologies, CellBlox, Archonix Systems, and Jpay. They also managed to buy out Guarded Exchange, Telerus, Primonics, and DirectHit Systems.


Securus Technologies has had countless success stories ever since they introduced their services to prisons. The tech company runs prison software that helps control the number of contraband cellphones circulating in prisons. Securus has also diligently helped prisons monitor prison calls from inmates to stop the sale of contraband items or threats of violence against other inmates. Through their prison payphone systems, Securus has provided an affordable and convenient way for inmates to connect with their loved ones. The tech company recently introduced video calling services that inmates can use to reach their families at any time.


Securus has always had a goal of providing better technological solutions for the better management of prisons. Their innovations continue to be used by prisons all over and the results have been tremendous from their clients.