Interviewing Guilherme Paulus

A man whom everyone wants to interview these days is Guilherme Paulus. Even in his older age, he continues leading the touring and hospitality industries in Brazil. He officially joined the touring industry in the 70s at age 24. He co-founded CVC Brasil Operadora with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari.

At that time, Cerchiari was a state deputy but was looking to expand his portfolio. When he met Paulus, he told the young man about his idea to open a tourist agency where he lived. Paulus didn’t have much to offer, but he did have passion, energy, and a ‘work hard’ attitude. Cerchiari and Paulus co founded CVC Brazil.

Convinced that Paulus would make a great partner, Cerchiari put up the money for a small store on a little street in Santo Andre, and CVC was born. It didn’t take long for Paulus to get the hang of things and start introducing some of his innovative ideas.

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After seeing how successful Paulus made CVC, Cerchiari returned to his own ventures and left the company to Paulus. Once in command, Guilherme Paulus started chartering flights to boost Brazil’s domestic tourism. Unlike his competitors, Paulus believed that domestic tourism could be just as profitable.

His chartered flights became popular, and he bought 100,000 seats in VASP to sell at the end of the year. The plan moved quickly, and he sold all those seats within eight months. His quick turn around attracted attention and CVC made it into international news; in particular, a French newspaper, Le Monde, picked up the story.

Now, as an internationally renowned entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus offers advice to the next generation. Of the many tips and tricks, the most important is that they make their dreams a reality. Sometimes, entrepreneurs are dissuaded by naysayers or people trying to take advantage of them. While Paulus remained respectful throughout his career, he also never gave up on his dreams as he saw them.

Also, he tries to teach them to delegate responsibility. Like many entrepreneurs, Paulus had trouble letting others in after building his companies with his own hands.

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