Sussex Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare senior living is a retirement home that has been based in the United Kingdom for over twenty five years. Currently there are many jobs available for those looking to help the elderly citizens who are living in senior care. Nurses are in high demand, including assisted living nurses and night shift workers. Specialized workers are also needed. This includes experts such as dementia specialists, hearing aid assistants, and family care therapists and managers.

Since Sussex is a health facility that mainly focuses on the care of patients with degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s, having health care professionals that specialize in this kind of work is important. They also have programs and workers who are trained to work with adults with disabilities that inhibit them from leading a normal independent life.

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To help foster the success of its business and improve its patients’ care, Sussex recently hired their new CEO, Amanda Taylor, who has brought expertise and has great improvement to the capabilities and care that is offered. One of the qualities that makes Sussex such quality place for seniors to live is their fun and interactive homes. The residents interact with one another and do activities such as art, cooking, music, and story sharing. The employees understand that seniors still appreciate social activities and being creative, which makes the retirement home enjoyable for all residents.

Meals are another valued part of the retirement living experience at Sussex, as all meals are prepared by trained chefs who use quality and fresh ingredients. With its quality care for both seniors and those with disabilities, as well as its warm and welcoming environment, Sussex is a great senior living facility. Some people hate the idea of getting old, but knowing that there are places like Sussex Healthcare to make senior living comfortable is wonderful.

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