Freedom Checks Offer High Rates of Return

While most Americans have saved enough to get by in retirement, they depend on Social Security payments to make up the rest of their retirement fund. Social Security payments normally only amount to a few thousand a year. Matt Badiali knows of an investment that can yield much higher returns. Freedom checks are an investment in much the same way as any stock. They can be purchased through any brokerage. There is no age requirement, and customers will see returns almost immediately.

There is only one requirement that a company has to meet in order to issue Freedom Checks. They must be involved in the energy sector in America. They have to be registered as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Their involvement in the energy business can take many forms. They could transport or store energy and that would be enough for them to qualify. The benefit is that they are allowed to take advantage of very generous tax exemptions. When investors receive their checks, they are also taxed at a much lower rate. Only a small percentage of traded companies can operate as MLPs, and Matt Badiali has identified those that do. These energy companies have to pass on the bulk of their profits to their investors. For some people, this tax structure would either seem too good to be true, or the companies are bending the rules. That is not the case, as these tax laws have been in effect for these companies for over 30 years, and they are federally regulated.

Freedom Checks might pay out as much as $34.8 billion, and investors will continue to receive checks for as long as they have the shares in them. Investors will receive their Freedom Checks either monthly or quarterly, and they have been shown to have a higher rate of return than traditional investments.

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