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Why do young entrepreneurs need mentors? My take on it for Worth mag. Link in bio.

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Chris Burch is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. According to an interview he states that what drove him to success was loneliness, fear, and desperation. He also said that there were people in his life that would persistently tell him that he would not amount to anything! Consequently, These motivational factors became a strong driving force which enabled him to achieve his dreams.

For over 40 years of Entrepreneurship he has combined the beauty of his creativity and business skills to birth the most luxurious hotels in the world!

Chris is currently the owner of the Island Nihi Sumba which he has transformed into a beautiful resort giving much fun enjoy to people all over the world. When he visited the Island in 1988 he began to have a vision of creating a beautiful resort that would preserve, and maintain the mystery and beauty of the island. His clear vision eventually became a reality!

In the year 2016 and the succeeding year, Burch was ranked as the number one leading global hotelier in the world based on ( He stands as the epitome of a world-class entrepreneur giving inspiration to many people not only through enjoying his resort and hotel, but by motivating young aspiring entrepreneurs to accomplish their dreams.

This renowned entrepreneur’s success goes as far back as 1976 during his college years when he and his brother Bob, invested $2,000 towards their clothing line. As the years went by Eagle’s Eye Aparel gradually became successful and later sold for 60 million dollars!

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